Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Email conversation with my Mom

Mom: Baby's* hat is missing. Did she have it when Fiona took her to bed? I can't find it anywhere.

Me: She didn't have it on when we got home last night. I assume it's in the living room somewhere but I couldn't find it last night. In a pinch one of Fiona's leg warmers makes an okay "hat"

Mom: Okay, I'll keep looking. She's not upset at the moment, more puzzled.

Me: Last night when I brought her baby she said "oh no hat" but I assured her baby would be okay without it and she went to sleep.

Mom: I found the hat between a couple of books she was reading. Baby and her hat are reunited

Mom: (A few minutes latter) That baby has a huge head.

Clearly my definition of emergency has changed since becoming a Mom.

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TK said...

Oh that is so cute!! She loves to go to bed with Baby, and baby needs a hat!!!! Well, that is a 2yr old emergency for sure. Thanks for sharing. I miss her (the two year old).