Thursday, January 28, 2010

Email Me At Your Own Peril

Email conversation w SIL (AB)

AB: This is a formal request to see more pictures of my niece!! I saw a picture of her toe on Dani's blog the other day but that's it in the last few months!! I know you guys are picture takers so tell me where I can see them!!

P.S. her drawing is still on our wall LOL!

AB: (cc Dave) meant to send this to Dave too... it would really help if one of you could change your name.. thanks!

Me: (reply to all) I already changed mine so it's your turn Dave. How about Chauncy?

Note: After I finally did send out some pictures I was surprised to get no response. Turns out AB went in to labor so I forgive her. That's the only good excuse for not gushing about how cute my kid is. I guess she was looking at the pictures saw how cute Fiona and our niece are and said to herself, "Alright lets do this thing". Congrats to AB&L and welcome little L. Now where are the pics of my new nephew?

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