Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not Child Friendly

A few weeks ago I decided Fiona was old enough too start sleeping with a real blanket. I went to a discount store figuring maybe I could get a deal. I found a section of soft fleece throw blankets for six dollars each (score) and found one in a pattern of green, blue and white that would match her room beautifully (green walls, white furniture). I was all set to buy it when I looked at the photo on the package and realised the pattern was the playboy bunny. I thought about it for about two seconds but bought a purple blanket with rainbow polka dots that doesn't match anything.


Roses said...


Would have been just as good a blog post if you hadn't seen the pic before fluffing out the blanket on Fiona's bed. :-)

David said...

You think she would have recognized the Playboy Bunny logo?

I would find that a tad worrisome myself more than the blankee.

I'm just saying...

Dani said...

Lol I sure hope not!

I just figured I'd get grief from everyone I knew if I bought it.