Monday, September 28, 2009

What Do You Call Cheese That Doesn't Belong to You?*

Conversation at Taco Bell Drive through

Me: (after examining order in the bag) We didn't get the cheese for the chips

TB Worker: (suspiciously) Are you sure?

Me: Yeah I just checked (holds out bag to her) see chips but no cheese.

TB Worker: (hands over cheese with an disgruntles "I just got riped off" look) Have a nice day (& we all know what that means**)

We drive off

Me: Did she honestly think I was trying to swindle her out of a tiny cup of melted fake cheese?

Dave: It sure seemed like it

Me: Yes 'cause that's the sort of things people do, con there way to three cents worth of cheese.

Dave: You go to all the different Taco Bells and trick them in to giving you extra cheese and then sell it back to Taco Bell and make a sweet profit.

Me: That's even better thanmy coffee plan.

* Nacho cheese (and if you haven't heard that one you haven't been reading enough gum wrappers)

** Have a nice day is sometimes code for F**k you.

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TK said...

WHAT, what was your coffee plan? That cheese story is hilarious.