Monday, September 14, 2009

I Used To Be That Girl

Friday after work I took Fiona to the grocery store. There were lots of other moms with kids and everyone was waiving at each other and commenting on the cuteness of the kids. We go to the cookie dough area (a staple) and there was this girl there probably mid 20's clearly on her way some where. She had on this short tight little black dress and these hot pink stilettos, her hair was all done up and she had on about twenty five pounds of well applied makeup. I was thinking some very catty uncharitable thoughts at her that involved words like tamp until Fiona waived at her and said, "Hi" and her face lit up and she said, "Oh my god, what a cutie!" then I thought, "She's such a nice girl.". I realised what a hypocrite I was being and leaned in to Fiona to tell her, "Mama used to look just like that".


schelle said...

we are never more catty then to that which we use to be

Dani said...

I want a shirt that sais that.