Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Prudent Shoping

Conversation when Dave got home from going out to get Teflon tape to fix a leaky watter filter.

Dave: Why do I even go to K-Mart?

Me: They didn't have the tape?

Dave: Nope.

Me: Have they ever had what you went there for, even once?

Dave: No

Me: (Noticing bag in hand) What did you buy?

Dave: Dukes of Hazard seasons 4 and 6.

Me: (Nodding head in understanding remaining silent)


Colleen said...

LOL!! Gotta love those Duke Boys!

Roses said...

And yet a man will not go to the doctor for fear he'll get something he didn't go there for.


Schelle said...

They never have what you go in there for, but they have something you walk out there with...


TK said...

Ah teflon tape. Had to buy that once when the well pump thing broke. I had to go to a well place to get the pump part. No dukes for me!!! Amazing Kmart would have something so classic.