Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Which Came First the Chicken or the Nugget?

Does anyone else find it odd that McNuggets come in a few specific shapes? Do they have molds? There's the boot, the semi pointy, and the ovalish shape. Did some market research person actually spend time determining that these were the shapes people wanted their breaded processed chicken in?


Roses said...

I am disturbed by Burger King's "crown" shaped nuggets that look suspiciously like bird feet.


Arwen said...

Maybe they tried to make them look like actual parts of a chicken? The semi pointy could be the leg, the boot could be a wing. Perhaps the oval is the universal shape for a chicken?

I have no idea, but I do know I loooove honey with my nuggets.

Dani said...

Roses: Eww Chicken Feet!

Arwen: I'm such a child, I drown mine in ketchup. Mmmmmmmm ketchup!

Schelle said...

bbq sauce here! i think they picked shapes that dip in those buckets easiest.

dangit, now i want nuggets and FRIES!