Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Too Old to Sound This Young

Words I really need to work on omitting from my vocabulary, or at least begin using correctly:

Dude-As in, "Dude, that is crazy"

Like-As in, "And I'm like, that is not cool"

All-As in, "He's all grumpy now"


Schelle said...


you should, like, totally talk however you want dude!

they can make you get older don't let them drag you into growing up

Dani said...

Growing up is over rated too just like maturity. I should try to teach my daughter good gramar though.

::Sigh:: Being a Mom means I have to be all responsible and junk. WTF?

Roses said...

When your kids bring the words home from school, you can start using them without guilt.

Especially effective if you want the kids to *stop* using those words.

Arwen said...

I say "like" way too much, too. I only say dude in context however. For example, I don't in the middle of a meeting say "Whoa, dude. That proposal is totally unacceptable." But, I will say at a Grateful Dead concert "Dude, that show was awesome."

Dani said...

Roses: Good point perhaps my bad gramar will make my daughter want to speak properly.

Arwen:I hear ya. I'm carefull to speak professionally at work but somehow my friendly conversations devolve in to 1980's Valley Girl speak.....& I'm not from the valley.