Thursday, June 25, 2009

Those Newfangled Machines

Phone: Ring ring ring

Me: Hello

Phone: Screech squeal scream (fax sounds)

Me: Ahhh(hang up phone)

Email: Dear Dani, Regarding your requests for _____document I faxed it to you 6/15 and again just now please let me know ASAP if you do not receive it.

Me (via email): Did you fax it to (insert fax #)

Email: I faxed it to (insert telephone #)

I double check the email originally sent to make sure I gave her the correct info and I did.

Me (via email): That's my phone number. Please fax it to (insert fax #)

Alright we've all made that mistake. I've done it myself. But if someone doesn't receive the thing you're sending ya might want to check that you're using the correct number also hold the attitude. I'm just sayin.


schelle said...

i have gotten to the point i just want folks to fax to my email..

Dani, Come to Florida and lets go out

Dani said...

I wish we had that option. I did at an old office.

Are you in Florida? I'm all over a trip to the beach.