Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Technical Dificulties

Hi Everyone,

I usually write my posts ahead of time and then set them to publish throughout the week. For some reason the last few have failed to publish at the scheduled times, or in fact at all. I'm not sure if this is a problem with Blogger or I'm doing something wrong. So please bear with me while I find a work around. Posting may be sporadic or late in the day for a bit.

Much Love


Roses said...

I have found that if I save a post as a draft (ever), it does not show up on Dashboard when it auto-posts.
And for some reason, my posts sometimes appear half an hour later than I've scheduled it.

Despite its flaws, I continue to use the Blogger scheduling feature.

Colleen said...

I think it's blogger...i've been reading the same problems on other blogs I follow...

Arwen said...

How does the blogger schedule a post for later thingy work anyway?

Dani said...

It did it again today. Grrrr!

Roses: I like the feature a lot when it's working.

Colleen: Thanks for leting me know. I was wondering why I was suddenly having a problem with a feature I've been using for months.

Arwen: When it works, you can go in to post options and put in the date & time you want it to post. When it's working it's a great feature.

If as I'm told other people are having problems too Blogger is probably working on it. I hope they get it fixed before my birthday 'cause I already wrote that one & I think it's pretty funny.

Roses said...

Also, if you accidentally "post" instead of "save" (like I did today... again), and then save as draft and reschedule it, the post won't show up in Dashboard later when it is scheduled to appear.
It thinks it's already there.

Arwen: At the bottom of your compose window, there's a button for "Post Options". You can set the future posting date there.

Arwen said...

I got it to work today! Woohooo!

Dani said...

Cool! I didn't even try today. I'll give it another go next week.