Monday, April 13, 2009

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies by Jane Austin and Seth Grahame-Smith

If you liked Sean of the Dead.
If you thought Evil Dead the Musical was a good idea.
Or if you're just kind of warped then this book is for you.
I loved this book. It is exactly the kind of thing I would like. It's witty, it's well written, it's dark, and it's irreverent.

I don't think you need to be familiar with the classic Pride and Prejudice to appreciate this book but if you are familiar it's even funnier.

Occasionally one of the characters would say of do something inappropriate to the original and I'd be distracted for a minute but then I'd think, "Oh yeah and there are Zombies too."

Mr. Darcy repeatedly made a fairly crude joke I won't repeat here in case your boss or child walks behind you while you read this. I found it extra funny because it sounded so much like Dave.

In places it reads like a game of mad libs. As played with someone clever with a good vocabulary rather than as played when I was a child and "fart" was the funniest word I knew. I particularly liked the phrase Manky Dreadfulls which I'm going to work in to conversation ALL THE TIME.

It also reminds me of a song we used to sing at camp when I was a kid. It was sung by two groups and went like this. First someone would name a nursery rhyme. I'm going to use Three Little Kittens but any nursery rhyme works.

1st group: Three little kitten lost their mittens didn't know where to find them. Mother dear see here see here we threw them out the window

2nd group: The what?

1st group: The window

2nd group: Oh no

1st group: The second storry window

Both: With a heave and a ho and a mighty throw we threw them out the window.

Substitute Zombie for window and you get the idea.

To make this ever better on top of Zombies there are also Ninjas. And really what could be cooler than Zombies and Ninjas? Nothing unless they threw in Vampires but that might just be me.


leeann said...

I looked for this at the library last week and no go. When I asked the librarian, she was all "No, chica, it's Pride and Prejudice, there not no zombies!" in a tone best kept for mental defectives and politicians trolling for donations.

Dani said...

Ya know that is so rude. I hate when people act all superior and the're not even right.

Way back when I worked at a music store a customer asked me who sang that songe Breakfast at Tiffanys. So I told her Deep Blue Something then another custome interupred and said, "It was Henry Mancini" in a condecending tone. Then I had to explainf that no Henry Mancini wrote the misic to the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys but there was also a pop song called Breakfast at Tiffany's by a group called Deep Blue Something. Then it took me several minutes to clarify that the last word in teh bads name actually was Something not that I'd forgotten the last name. I hated retail!

Lol that was a long response. Maybe it should have been a post. Oh well ha ha. Thanks for the comment. I love me some somments.

Chazya said...

poor thing, her neck vertebra are on wonder they have issues..haha

I love that song, "breakfast at tiffanny's." That and "Ironic"

Dani said...

Chazya-Ya know I didn't even notice that. You're right she need a chiropractor BAAAAAAAD!