Friday, April 3, 2009

Makes Me Feel All Special

I love Jeopardy. I could never actually be a contestant because I'm only good on a limited number of subjects, also I NEVER remember to phrase my answer in the form of a question.

I always feel so proud when I know the answers and if I know it and the contestants don't well that just makes my day. Last week there was one night where I knew the answer to final Jeopardy and two of the contestants got it wrong (it was Anubis). I'm still enjoying the glow of that one.

One time I turned it on while I was doing some chores so I wasn't really paying attention but after a while I realized I was kicking butt. I knew all the answers and the contestants were barely getting half of them. I felt so smug and was getting pretty full of myself until they came back from a commercial break and I realised it was the Junior Championship. So I guess I did learn a couple things in High School after all.


Colleen said...

Ha! I always like the Teen Tournament because there seems to be more pop culture questions and I do better...I love Jeopardy too! I have tried out twice for it. Once for the teen tourney and once for regular. obviously I didn't make it. But I did get to meet Alex Trebek and I ended up calling him pompous! to his face. Yea, i'm probably on some short list of people who are never going to be on Jeopardy!

Dani said...

That's so cool! Even if you are on Alex Trebecks black list that gives you braging rights. I kick butt in certain categories but then there are others where I'm all "Uhhhhhhh". I like trivial pursuit that way if I loose it's only family/friends who see me being stupid.