Wednesday, April 1, 2009

About To Show My Age

I'm not the most technically savvy person on the planet which is why after almost 4 years of owning an ipod I only learned how to make a play list a few months ago. Do you realize what a play list is? It's the modern equivalent of the mix tape.

I used to be the queen of the mix tape. I had a dubbing deck (still do actually and a record player too) and I made lots of tapes for friends. My very best mix tapes however were for myself. I had one with all my favorite Guns N' Roses songs, one with songs I liked to sing, and one specifically for being played at parties (though I don't think it ever was). The pinnacle of my mix tape making art though were the series I titled Love Songs 1-3. The Love Songs tapes included all the romantic songs in my Heavy Metal laden catalogue and all the power ballads which weren't necessarily romantic in any way (Cemetery Gates anyone?) I would listen to these tapes in bed with headphones on and enjoy being depressed about the fact that I was 15 and single, a tragedy of epic proportions.

For some reason my mix tape making skill didn't translate as well to CD's. Possibly this was because I was no longer a single teenager what with having a very cute boyfriend named Dave or it may have to to with the lack of technical ability I mentioned above. I did however miss my Love Songs tapes so I tried to recreate one on CD. I called it Music for the Depressed to laugh at my self.

Music for the Depressed included

Love Song-Tesla

Don't Know What You Got Till it's Gone-Cinderella

She Talks to Angles-The Black Crowes

To Be With You-Mr. Big

Cemetery Gates-Panterra (Sorry I still like that song)

Love Bites-Def Leopard (I think I hit skip every time this came on, there's a long story there)

I Remember You-Skid Row

And probably others that I can't remember

Sadly this disk got smashed recently but this gives me the opportunity to make a Love Songs play list. Perhaps I'll call this one Hormonal Angst.


Kate said...

I love how your blog looks. When I was a teen, I was all over the mixed tape and then advanced to CD's. When I got my first Ipod, I thought it was the best thing. And it just keeps getting better and better! I don't know what I would do without it now!

Roses said...

The Queen of England now has two i-pods. I don't have any.

Dani said...

The ipod is the best invention ever! Okay maybe not ever but it is pretty cool. I use mine all the time.