Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Has Sprung, The Grass Is Ris, I Wonder Where The Flowers Is

This weekend I was planing to clean our room but the weather was nice so instead I laid in the hammock and read a book. I know that some of the people who read this are in places where it is still cold possibly even snow covered. So I fully sympathise with the fact that some of you are now going to feel the urge to come out here and kick me in the groin when you read the next sentence. I got a sunburn!

My people come from countries that are notoriously cloudy and the people are pale, pasty even. So I burn easily and I know better than to spend more than about 15-20 mins in the sun without sun screen but the laziness that caused me not to clean our room extended to putting on sun screen too. So currently my skin is a splotchy combination of the only two colors it is capable of, paper white and bright red.

So see I've been punished. You don't need to kick me in sensitive body parts but if you'd like to come visit I'll get Dave to light up the barbecue and you can poke at my red arms while we sip refreshing beverages.

Saturday Dave gave Fiona an orange off the tree in our backyard. Two minutes after this picture was taken he had to hose her off, with an actual hose.

Sunday we went to a birthday party for our friends 1 year old. Didn't she look cute? Latter I stupidly gave her two strawberries and this dress looked like she'd committed a brutal murder. Luckily Shout gets everything out so the dress will live.

BTW the title of this post is a quote but I'm not sure from where or I'd give credit. I think it may have been a comic strip.


TK said...

She is soooo cute!! I love her smile!. Thanks for posting the pictures. Dani, take care of your skin. Hope you are not to uncomfortable from the sunburn.

Dani said...

I know. I was bad. I honestly thought I was just going to be out there for a few minutes but that's not what happened. Foolish me.

Dani said...

Ya know I tried to google the poem but aparently the version I know isn't quite the way it usually goes. And I found various sources atributing it to different authors including the ever prolific Annonimus. I'm still pretty sure that the version I know came from a comic strip. I think it may have been Bloom County or possibly B.C. If anyone knows please tell me.

Schelle said...

sounds shel silverseinish too. My Mom use to recite that to me when I was young, so who the heck knows.

As one of those people who got snowed in over the weekend