Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pass the Kleenex

I have to admit that I'm a big softy. I cry pretty easily. Those Gap commercials at Christmas with the cute babies I mist up. A news story about a dog being rescued from a burning building yeah my make up is ruined. Don't even get me started on "I'll be home for Christmas".

Of coarse this means I cry at movies but not always the ones you'd expect. Some movies try to hard to be sentimental like Pay it forward or Beaches. I cried the first time I saw Titanic but now I just say "Oh that's sad. Where are my crackers?"

Disney is a repeat offender. I think they are kinda evil. Why do you want to make little children cry Disney? Yes Bambi gets me, although it's not the bang of the gun it's when Bambi says, "mother?". Then they pulled the same trick in Finding Nemo (yes it's Pixar but it's still Disney)and the Lion King. By the way did anyone else notice that the Lion King is Hamlet?

Stand By Me gets me every time but I think a big part of that is about River Phoenix.

The King and I kills me which is odd since I hate Rogers and Hamerstein but the chemistry between Deborah Kerr and Yule Brenner is amazing.

I cry at the end of the Muppet Movie every time. I was embarrassed to find out this was still true recently. That one's more happy tears though, "Life's like a movie, Write your own ending, Keep believing, keep pretending.....". Sad I know.

The #1 movie that makes me cry though is Charlotte's Web. This was my favorite movie when I was a kid. I called it Wilbur (it's about the pig after all). It's odd since as I think I made clear here I hate spiders, but for whatever reason this one dying breaks my heart.


michelle said...

The King and I was the first movie that I remember crying at. My parents said I cried at ET tho.

My Girl gets me almost every time.

Colleen said...

I hear ya! The most ridiculous time I had crying at a movie was when my mom and I took my 2 neices to see "Paulie" was about a parrot that could talk (not just mimic) and had thoughts. The lights came up and my mom and I were BAWLING. The 2 girls (who were about 5 years old) were not, and were clearly embarrased by us :)
Check it out, it's got animals and a cute little girl--
I also cry every time I watch "My Dog Skip" Makes me think of how much my own dogs have taught me in life, and then makes me think about their mortality...