Sunday, February 8, 2009

Much Better Than Cleaning

Yesterday was nice. Dave went to get us a new cable box for our room because the old one didn't work AT ALL. He came back with a DVR for our room (SWEET!) and Jamba Juice for all. This is actually Fiona's second Jamba Juice but the first one was not caught on film.

After the sugar rush we took her for a walk to see if the park by our house has finished replacing the playground equipment they tore out a few months ago. They aren't done yet but they do have most of the new stuff in so hopefully soon we'll be able to play at the park again.

This picture was while I was on the floor giving Fiona the Jamba Juice. Please forgive my wet, not styled, seriously hideous hair. I just thought this exemplified my relationship with Sammy. "I love you now please get out of my face."

After all that Dave's brother P and our sister in law AK came over. AK and I went and saw "He's Just Not That Into You" which was very cute. I probably wouldn't have seen it in the theatre if she hadn't invited me to see it but I'm glad I did. It's a total chick flick but in a tongue in cheek way.

After we all had dinner and they went home I gave Fiona a bath and tried to put her to sleep. She's been fighting us on going to sleep and last night was no different. So I tried something a little different rather than wrestling with her trying to force her to lay down I let her try to sit up. I was surprised that when she sat up she immediately laid her head on my chest wrapped her little arms around me as far as the could go and fell asleep. I didn't even want to put her in her crib.


grace said...

awww...she even smiles while drinking jamba. my kinda gal. :D

miss you guys!!

TK said...

CUTE, she is so cute. I see hair on her head!! Thanks for the pictures and updates.