Monday, February 9, 2009

If Dave Would Let Me and/or it Were Legal

Alright my posts have been getting a little Fionacentric lately and I don't want to be one of those Mom's who can't shut up about their kid so here's another glimpse inside the workings of my mind in the form of a list.

Animals it would be cool to have as pets:

#1. Skunk (I'm told they're like cats)
#2. Leopard (Again probably cat like but more likely to fatally maul you)
#3. Raccoon (I could name it Bandit and let it hang out with my bunny named Smokey)
#4. Peacock(s) (Of coarse then I'd need a terrace. I'm pretty sure the patio we barbecue on wouldn't cut it)
#5. Pig (Not a pot bellied pig but a real one)
This is Squeeker a piglet we met when we were in Hawaii a couple years ago. The nice man/park ranger who had him let me feed him which was extra exciting to me because I was going to have to learn to use a baby bottle soon as we'd just found out days before that I was pregnant (see how I sneakily got Fiona in. Mwhahahaha evil laugh)

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Amy Baldwin said...

AHH please, have you seen my BLOG?? ODE TO CASH is what it shoul dbe called, he is all i ever talk about, I am twenty times worse than you but with a DOG!!! I fear how bad I might be with a kid.... yikes. Anyway I like hearing about her since I dont get to see her in person :(