Friday, December 26, 2008

Well That Was Fun

Actually my insane plan to be the holiday hostess of the year turned out to be my brilliant plan the be the bestest holiday hostess ever. I wasn't stressed out and didn't wind up crying at the end of the night (it's happened before, draw your own conclusions). Everyone had a good time there were many many presents we ate a disgusting amount of food and enjoyed the resultant nausea. The only downside is Dave and I are both completely exhausted but luckily we've got the weekend to recuperate.

I promise to force Dave to get the pictures up and running. Actually I doubt it will be a problem since I got him a digital picture frame for his desk at work and you know he's going to want to put some of the new pics on in. Along with the frame I gave him some clothes, which he needed badly and a new copy of Office Space on DVD because the old one was broken and I think it's a household necessity.

Dave got me a necklace, a bracelet, a DVD of Wall-E and a new ipod touch so you can look forward to more posts about my musical preferences (actually I've got a new list started, you know your excited).

Strangely though I'm completely sober my only two teammates who came to work today convinced me to sing them a song. I feel both embarrassed an a little high.

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