Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Sunday we took Fiona to meet Santa. Last year we skipped the traditional Santa photo since she was only 4 days old on Christmas and we only came home from the hospital on the 24th (best Christmas present I ever got). Any way we were pleased that she didn't cry and although this is an unusual pose it's very Fiona so we like it.

I have to say that despite the general trend toward ghettoness the Solano mall has a pretty good Santa. I prefer a Santa with a real beard*.
Due to work constraints posting may be a little sporadic to non existent into the middle of next week but I'll do my best to get something up a few times so please be patient with me.

*It is not the intention of this blogger to imply in any way that the Santa at the mall is not the real Santa, only to observe that real beards are better than fake ones. This blogger is a firm believer in Santa and anyone who tried to state any opinion other than the obvious truth of his existence will be given a raspberry and possibly the finger depending on age or ability to negatively harm said blogger.

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TK said...

Oh I love this picture!! I hope you do not mind that your mother in law is now following your blog.