Saturday, December 13, 2008

The FBI Files

A couple years ago I worked at a bank, as a matter of fact I was the manager. Unfortunately there was a problem with a large amount of money disappearing and of coarse this had to be investigated. I'm not sure if it was standard procedure or because the bank was located on a military base but the FBI were involved. I had to give a statement both because I was the manager and because I was one of the employees who could have taken the money. I didn't of coarse have anything to do with it and eventually we did figure out what had happened but that's not the point of the story. I arrived at the MP office and was introduced to the people who would be investigating the incident including the FBI agent who flashed his badge just like on TV and I giggled and admitted that I thought it was kind of cool to meet an FBI agent then he blushed and said, "I just made agent that was the first time I got to flash my badge" he looked just like a little boy and was not at all intimidating.

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