Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Don't You Ever Scare Me Like That Again!

Last night we got home latter than usual. It was after the time when we usually feed the animals so normally they'd be waiting demanding to be fed when we walk in the door. The dogs were there but not Vladi. I fed them while Dave put Fiona to bed and then went to the back door to call the cat. Now I'm not stupid, I know cat's don't come when called but if you call them at dinner time they usually show up within a couple minutes. Nothing I couldn't even hear the bell on his collar. I waited a few minutes while I started dinner then went and called him again. Still nothing. I checked to make sure he hadn't gotten locked in the linen closet or the guest room but nope. I went out and walked around the block terrified that he'd been hit by a car and I'd find his body but I didn't. Dave went looking for him while I finished making dinner but he didn't have any better luck. I was seriously worried by this time. We ate and Fiona started crying again so Dave went in to check her. I was getting undressed to take a shower and had just gotten completely naked when the cat came through the dog door. "Vladi" I screamed in a whisper so Fiona wouldn't hear. I grabbed him and hugged him, which really pissed him off because he doesn't like naked skin (I guess the lack o' fur creeps him out). Stupid cat I love him so.

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