Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's In a Name

Because of something written here I think the time has come to tell the story of my name change. Some of you may already know at least parts of this so feel free to skip ahead.

My first and middle names used to be Kelly Christine. I never liked it. Nothing really wrong with the name but it just didn't fit me. It didn't feel like my name.

When I was 13 (uhh 20 years ago) my English teacher assigned us a paper on our name; what it meant, how our parents picked it, were we named after any one, etc. So I went home and asked my parents. Turns out they both wanted to name me Danica Jeannette but just a few days before I was born my Mom wigged out (hormone surge) in the middle of the night saying that they couldn't name me Danica. My Dad told her not to worry about it since they were both completely sure I was going to be a boy in which case they were going to name me Kelly Patrick. Well clearly I didn't come out with boy parts so they had no name. They just adjusted Kelly and pulled Christine out of thin air and there ya go.

Side note: They thought my brother was going to be a girl so they were batting 0%.

No wonder I never liked it. It wasn't my name. It was cobbled together at the last minute. So at the age of 13 I decided to have my name legally changed. Well getting a minors name changed is a pain in the butt and at the time it wasn't completely legal until after the child turned 21 so I waited. But from then on everyone called me Dani.

When I turned 21 ummm I was poor and lazy so I didn't get around to it. Then when I was 29 Dave proposed and I decided I'd better deal with it. I didn't want to get married under the name I hadn't used in 17 years. So I filled out all the paperwork, filled it at the courthouse, had the announcement published in the paper (this is required), and went to court. Finally in June 2005 my first and middle names were legally changed to Danica Jeannette. And in August 2005 my last name changed too so I'm probably on some watch list.

So there you have it. The only other thing you might find interesting is this. When I was pregnant and we'd decided on Fiona's first name which I had picked I asked Dave to pick the middle name (don't worry I would have exerted veto power if he'd wanted to name her Pasqualina or something) and he picked Christine so the half of my name I didn't really mind lives on in my daughter.


Michelle said...

I remember when you changed your name. (not specifying which time) I always thought it was cool. I stole my online name partly from Danica.

totally unrelated is my oldest's middle name is Christine. Must have been something in the water...

Colleen said...

My sister was supposed to Megan--up until she was actually born, at which time she became Erin. She has never liked her name, and i'm thinking it wasn't meant for her either...