Thursday, August 21, 2008

What I Was Originally Planing to Write Before I Was Distracted By Other Cool Things

As I've mentioned before Vladi (the cat) has a big brother type of affection for Fiona (the human child). In true big brother fashion he got a little bored with her behavior and started avoiding her even though she LOVES him and wants nothing more than to grab pieces of him and put them in her mouth (you can see why he might find this annoying).

Recently however he's discovered that we have adopted the habit of (as he sees it) torturing his little sister every night by putting her in a puddle in his favorite echo chamber (aka the bath tub). So he runs around the bathroom screaming the whole time. Fiona for her part thinks this is very entertaining (as do I) and tries to include him in her fun (she loves the bath) by splashing him which just pisses him off.

I love bath time.

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