Monday, August 4, 2008

People are Strange

Years ago I worked in a store that sold CD's and videos. Occasionally we had some colorful people come in. Here's one of my favorites. I was standing at the counter and this man came up like he was going to ask a question. We had staplers at each station that we used for the receipts. This man picks up the stapler, sticks his thumb in it, and staples it. He started swearing and yelling for his kids who were browsing to come on because they were leaving. The entire time he's glaring at me like it was some how my fault that he was to freaking stupid not to know better than to staple his thumb. He gathered his kids and stormed out. I didn't utter a single word it happened so quickly, I was completely speechless, which is saying something. I've never figured out if he was honestly that stupid or if he thought he was going to be able to sue by saying we were negligent.

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Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

That is soooo bizarre! One scary dude!