Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here are My Findings.....I Have No Idea What They Mean

In CA they are supposedly going to begin enforcing the no talking on you cell phone without a hands free device law. This was supposed to begin 7/1 and Today is 7/8. They've had all these big signs up on the freeway for several weeks warning every one that "It's the Law" which is annoying because everyone has to slow down to read them. They can't take it for granted that this sign says the exact same thing as the last one you say a couple miles back, nope they have to slow down to the point where you are in danger of rear ending them. Yes this is an improvement in road safety.

Irritation with the signs aside I am in favor of this law. Pretty much every one I know thinks they are the exception who is capable of driving just fine while they chat. I'm just going to come out and say it NO YOU'RE NOT. Now I'm not a phone person any way so I get annoyed just on principal but I see people all the time talking away on their phones who are clearly oblivious to their surroundings, drifting in to other lanes, slowing down dangerously, tailgating, changing lanes without looking (my personal favorite as I've nearly been killed at least 3 times).

Last night as we were driving home I happened to see a lady on her phone so I jokingly pointed her out to Dave as a law breaker. Out of curiosity I started counting how many people I saw on their phones and how many I saw using hands free devices. I don't know how many miles it was. It was from Pinole to Fairfield if that helps you and took about 40 minutes. Here is what I found.

6 People on hands free devices

3 I think were on hands free as they were clearly talking but there wasn't anyone else in the car. They may have just been crazy.

3 People on the phone

2 Appeared to be dialing. They clearly weren't looking at the road.

1 guy with a hands free device in his left ear and his phone held to the right. I think maybe he didn't really understand the idea.

1 lady picking her nose.

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