Thursday, June 5, 2008

True Story of New Orleans

If you spend an evening in the French Quarter you will see women flashing for beads. This is not just at Mardi Gras it's apparently a cultural thing (although the police discourage it). The more ornate and expensive the beads the more your expected to do to earn them. Personally this never appealed to me. I've got great boobs I should get something good for em like an orgasm not some cheap plastic beads. I guess it would be a good way to hook up if you were single though. I've always been in New Orleans with Dave who is familiar with my rate of exchange which is a better deal if you ask me, although he was sweet enough to tell me he didn't mind if I want to flash strangers.

The first time we went to New Orleans about nine years ago Dave's oldest sister joined us for a couple days. One afternoon we'd been out and about and were heading to lunch but she and I needed to stop in the hotel room for some reason I don't recall. Dave waited in the lobby while his sister and I got in the elevator along with another guest of the hotel. The elevator has mirrored walls and I could see this 50 something guy checking us out. After a floor or two of silence he said, "you girls don't have any beads" in a voice which made it clear he was drunk. I agreed that this was true which he apparently took as encouragement and continued, "I've got some in my room you can have."
"No thanks. That's okay." I replied with barely contained laughter.
He looked crestfallen for a minute but then brightened up, "some of them have fruit on them!"
I had to pause for a second to get control of my amusement, "no really thanks." Luckily he got out on the next floor because I lost it. What did he think we were gonna say? "Oh plastic fruit in that case....."

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