Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Imposing my taste on a deffenseless baby

I found a site called Psychobaby through a link on baby center and they have the most awesome baby clothes. I get a little annoyed that all the baby clothes I find are kinda the same & why oh why is everything pink?

Side note: Whenever I asked that while I was pregnant all these otherwise intelligent women would say "just you wait, all little girls love pink" but then when I pointed out that I never have & I was always a girly girl they would admit that they never liked it either so really that argument has no merit.

Pink is a perfectly good color. I occasionally wear it myself and some people (one of my 4 sisters in law in specific) love it. Personally I tend to like darker colors; green, blue, and red (particularly wine colors) look good on me. My daughter seems to be attracted to dark blue. My point is just that I'd like to see baby girl clothes in other colors too.

Any way here's a link to the site if you too would like something a little different/cool for your baby.

I totally covet this but sadly it's out of my price range.

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