Saturday, June 14, 2008

I cry easliy these days

In Fiona's first few days of life the only way she would sleep is if one of us was holding her. Within about a week she would sleep in the pack n play if one of us slept on the couch next to her and before she was a month old she was spending the nights in her crib. While her nighttime sleeping improved quickly she still had a hard time napping during the day unless one of us was holding her. I used to spend the time in her room watching DVDs while she slept in my arms. We knew this had to change and tried various things to get her to nap in the crib but failed miserably. Secretly I enjoyed it. Holding her tiny warm body. Knowing that she slept on me because she felt safe. About a month ago we went to Alabama and stayed with Dave's parents for about ten days. Suddenly she got it. She would take naps of an hour or more in the crib. I wondered if this would change when we got home but she had no trouble napping any more.

Today when she woke up from her second nap I brought her out to the couch and gave her a bottle. While she was eating she feel asleep again. I should have returned her to her crib but I didn't. She's growing so fast. Any day now she's going to start crawling and talking then walking and running. So I held her like I used to and for at least that hour she was still my baby.

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