Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fighy for your right to party

Six months ago today I was in the hospital. I was very nervous. I'd never had a tooth pulled, broken a bone, had stitches, or really had any serious procedure and here I was waiting for surgery. While we waited for the Dr. to arrive we watched Maury Povich doing paternity tests. They always have trouble giving me an IV not sure why I'm just unlucky that way. The poor nurse this time got a defective needle and the part that was supposed to detach wouldn't so she had to start all over and give me a second one in a different part of my arm. Soon enough the Dr. arrived and they wheeled me in to surgery. It was very surreal they gave me the spinal block so I couldn't move the lower half of my body and I was laying all naked spread eagle while the staff wandered around doing their jobs not caring in the lease that this was just a little awkward for me. They brought Dave in and sat him on a stool next to my head. The surgery started and next thing I knew there was a gooey baby having fluids sucked out of her lungs so she could breathe. I guess my blood pressure dropped because I started feeling dizzy and seeing spots but they gave me something to take care of it before I even had a chance to tell them. They took Fiona and put her in an oxygen tent and Dave went with her and took me in to post op I was so happy and completely oblivious to the fact that she and I had each had a scary moment there. Needless to say we were both fine in the end.

Were celebrating the anniversary by throwing an 80's party tonight. Okay actually we picked the date of the party before I realized it was her 6mo birthday but still a fun way to celebrate. Now that she's up from her nap we have to go buy Rum. Happy Saturday to you all. Fiona I love you.

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