Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sesame Street was way cooler when I was a kid

I'm a new mom. My daughter turned 5 months old 4 days ago. We also recently got tivo and were setting shows to record so I added Sesame Street. I'm not planing to plop my infant in front of the TV but on occasion I have to put her down to go to the bathroom or answer the phone. I figured Sesame Street would annoy me less than the Wiggles (who scare me, seriously all their little wiggle pupets look like Peter Lory) or Barney (which I'm fairly sure causes loss of brain cells). A few days ago my husband & I decided to see how the baby girl would react to Sesame Street. We had all these pleasant memories of watching it when we were little and thought this was something we could share. Wrong! Either it's just not as cool when your an adult or it's gone down hill.

#1. No more Kermit. I know Jim Henson is gone and it just wouldn't be the same but Kermit was a much loved part of my childhood and I'm sad that he's gone.

#2. Instead of Kermit we get a bear with a speach impediment. I'm all for teaching kids not to tease those who are different but it seems to me this is just going to teach them the wrong way to pronounce things.

#3. The grownups can see Snuffy! Hello, the fact that (as kids) we were in on the joke made it seem like real magic.

#4. The Count and Snuffy have spouses now. Ya know I just don't need my muppets to have love lives. As a side note this makes the whole Bert & Ernie relationship a legitimate question now (personally I've always assumed they were brothers).

Yeah it's still a great show for kids and my daughter LOVES it but a little piece of my childhood died.

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Michelle said...

I think I agree. That and the fact that it's on at 2am on Monday morning here scares me. It's on later as well, but 2am? Try Word World. That may be better when she's a bit older. Between the Lions is good.

Best of all is they just came out with Season 3 of the original Muppet Show. I'm so getting that as soon as I can find one