Friday, February 13, 2015

Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment.-Dale Carnegie

When I got to work my co-worker was having problems with his cell phone.

CW: See! I click on an icon and it just blips up for a second and disappears. See any icon. And I can't reinstall them because it asks for my Apple id. I don't know my f***ing Apple id! I didn't set up this phone! So I clicked on to forgot password link. I had to do it a bunch of times before I got an email. Then when I get the email the password they send me doesn't work. I hate this damn phone! I went to the Apple website and went to the help section and asked how do I reset my Apple id and it gave me instructions but when I was on step seven it said I couldn't do that. Why did you just have me do steps one through six if I can't do seven......

It went on like this for quite a while until it devolved in to him pulling up Siri and shouting rude and angry things at it (her?). Some of her answers we're pretty funny.

A few hours latter I was having problems with pretty much every aspect of my job.

Me: Dude! Seriously you can't expect me to process something if you never sent it to me. I am not a mind reader. And why do take up half an hour of my time asking me if you can do it this way if you're just going to completely ignore what I told you and do it completely wrong and make more work for me fixing the stupid thing! AND....

CW: Do you need to throw something? Here you can have my phone.

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