Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Age is not important unless you're a cheese.-Helen Hayes

Conversation with fellow Mom/Coworkers

Co worker 1: He's 18 months and I'm still working on loosing the baby weight.

Co worker 2: Even if you loose the weight your body's never the same.

Me: I'm still working on it.

Co worker 3 (with grown kids): Me too!

We all laugh

Co worker 3: Of coarse I was the old Mom. I was 32 when my last one was born.

Me: Ha! I was 32 when I had Fiona. I was 38 when Daphne was born.

Co worker 2: Wait how old are you?

Me: I'll be 40 this year.

Everyone exclaimed about how they thought I was younger then that, which was probably insincere but was nice to hear.

Co worker 4: Honestly I would have guessed 32.

Me: (Takes big bite of Cup O Noodles) Imf ta fefly ding.

Co worker 3: What?

Me: It's the healthy eating.

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