Saturday, September 13, 2014

If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will.-101 Dalmations

I was thinking about Disney villains. I've decided Cruella Devil is hands down the most evil.

Maleficent (my personal favorite due to turning in to a bad ass dragon) is just a stickler for manners. Everyone else got invited to the party but her. Sure trying to kill the princess is a bit excessive but I get why she was pissed.

Captain Hook had his hand cut off and fed to a crocodile. Who wouldn't be angry?

Lady Tremain (Cinderella's step mom)was trying to look out for the best interests of her children.

Ursala, Jaffar, and Shan Yu we're attempting coups. This has happened countless times in history. Plot wise it's not that original.

The Evil Queen from Snow White was just trying to maintain both her thrown and her youth. Please who among us doesn't wish we  could remain young and hot.

Cruella.....wants to skin puppies.

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Roses said...

Thank you.
I could never put a finger on why that woman bothered me so much more than others.
This is exactly it.