Friday, November 4, 2011

You never forget kids like Emily, or Andy, but they forget you.-Jessie Toy Story 2

Alright if you've never seen any of the Toy Story movies this might not make any sense but...

Fiona has Woddy, Buzz, and Jessie. She's particularly attached to Jessie and sometimes sleeps with her. The other night when I was putting her to sleep I was thinking how cute she was all cuddled up with her little cowgirl doll.

Then it occurred to me that someday she'll outgrow her. That was when I realised that someday it's going to be my job to throw her out or donate her or in some other way dispose of Jessie. I'm going to feel like a huge jerk when that day comes.


Roses said...

I still have my childhood stuffed animals. Mom wrapped them up and gave them to me for one of my older birthdays.

The Husband was nearly moved to tears when he found out his sister still had one of his teddy bears.

I'm just saying, maybe you don't have to "off" Jessie. Maybe you get to be in charge of her delicate care until Fiona is ready to re-appreciate her.

... and won't Jessie be ever so happy? (Because this really *is* about Jessie, isn't it?)

I get it.
I really do.

Dani said...

True, true.

FYI I still sleep with my teddy bear Johanna who I got when I was ten.

Oblivious Beast said...

That explains all the Buzz toys we have in the garage that my 16 year old seems so reluctant to get rid of.

Evil Disney plot? Hrm...

Anonymous said...

You just need to find your own Bonnie! : )