Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Retirement: World's longest coffee break.-Author Unknown

Fiona: What's tirerent home?

Me: Retirement home?

Fiona: Yeah.

Dave: Remember when we went to visit Great Papa? That place he lives is a retirement home.

Fiona: Oh.


Fiona: Why?

Me: Sometimes when someone get old they need help taking care of themselves so they move to a retirement home and the people there help them.

Fiona: Oooooooh.


Fiona: You're old Mommy why don't you live there?

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Roses said...

Delayed Perfect Response: Because they don't allow children, and I'd never want to live anywhere without you. (Until you're a teenager, and then we'll both want you out... but that's a retort for another conversation.)

You're welcome. :-)