Monday, September 19, 2011

Now I am obsessed with collecting Platypus paraphernalia.-Trevor Dunn

I ran out of books to read (again) so I started re reading and found a Taco bell club card from the Taco bell on the base when I worked at the bank. 
 I've always had the habit of using anything at hand as a bookmark and then leaving it in the book when I'm done. There's a scene in Have His Carcase by Dorothy L. Sayers where they have to go through the books of a character who has this same habit to find a clue as to why the victim was killed. I know nothing in my books is important but I started wondering what else I'd find in there so I decided to do some bookshelf archeology.

Here's what I found:

Hundreds of post it's and sticky flags (I didn't pull them out, wasn't worth the bother)
two blank pieces of paper, one lined one unlined
A receipt from Kaiser from 2004 (I had to get my ear cleaned out in case you wondered)
An add for a Coca-Colla themed toy train for under your Christmas tree
A pizza receipt
A Safeway receipt for a Nestle Crunch, a lime, a bottle of Stoli, and a bottle of cosmo mix from 1999
A pay stub from 2001
A receipt from getting my 1st car towed in 1998
A phone message slip from when I was a receptionist 10 or so years ago
A piece of note paper with a puppy on it and 62663 written on it (I have no clue what it means)
Another receipt from Kaiser. I'm not sure what it was for but on the back are the name, phone number, and licence plate of the guy who rear ended me two cars ago (approximately 13-14 years)
A note scheduling an anointment to meet our wedding photographer
A blank receipt from the music store I worked in with my friend Kali's phone number on it
A receipt from a book store
A post it with an old co-workers email address
A post it with another old co-workers phone number
A post it with 6851 written on it (again no clue)
A post it with three dollar signs drawn on it
Some notes for a temp job I had 13 years ago
A letter I wrote to my friend Nugget 11/13/98 but apparently never mailed in an envelope with an Enterprise rent a car post it stuck to it
Bookmarks from 5 different book stores
A return slip my teachers had to sign when I came back to school after being sick in March 1990 (which would make me a Freshman and is easily the oldest thing I found)
A business card from the place my Mom used to work 7 years ago
A business card for Spanish lessons (not sure where I got that)
A Gambit bookmark
A frog bookmark
A tiny little envelope containing 1 half of the combination to the vault from the bank I worked at (I'm at a complete loss as to why I would have had that but since we had to change it about twice a month I'm guessing it must have been out of date before I had a chance to deal with it properly)


Roses said...

Holy cow!
You must have room for a whole 'nother book on your shelf now that you've removed all the bookmarks!

Oblivious Beast said...

The Gambit bookmark is my favorite. Now all you have to do is reread everything to put new bookmarks in them. heh.

Anonymous said...

If any of that has personal info (like social sec on you pay stub) make sure to shred it!

Dani said...

Roses-YEA now I NEED to go book shopping (rubs hands gleefully)

Oblivious Beast-I'm working on the re reading. I used to have lots of Gambit stuff. Now all I've got is that bookmark and of corse my dog.

I was actually surprised that my whole social WAS on the pay stub so yes it went in the shred pile. I was carefull when staging the photo that nothing important was showing.

TK said...

Your house would be an excellent stop on a scavenger hunt.