Friday, August 5, 2011

RIP little Dell

Alright despite Daves best efforts my laptop finally died last night. It was about 3 years old so in computer years that's like being born in ancient Egypt. Dave assures me he can get all my data off the hard drive. Untill I get a new one I will have to borrow Daves so posts will be spotty for a bit. Sigh.


TK said...

So sorry about your laptop. Of course if anyone can get your data it is DAVE!!

diamond dave said...

That's all? My Latitude is about 9 years old, the hinges are busted so it has to be propped up, and the AC plug you have to wiggle from time to time to keep it from going to battery power. That would date it almost to the time of the Great Flood. But it's good enough to net surf and blog with, and besides I'm too broke to afford a better one. Call it something like a worn out security blanket.

Dani said...

Lol I know I was sad to let it go. It was my first very own computer but it was refurbished so it wasn't quite new when we got it.

It had a broken hinge which I held up with a embarasing web of electrical tape. Dave had already rescued it from various viruses and one hard drive failure but it finally wouldn't turn on at all.

Poor little Dell. I wasn't expecting to get a new one but we found a super sale price.