Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?-Author Unknown

If I've ever been guilty of this I apologise.

Have you ever noticed how people who think they eat healthy are all bragy about it? You know instead of just saying, "I'm having a snack" they have to say, "I'm eating soy curd with organic humus."

It's great if they really do eat a healthy balanced diet but really am I supposed to congratulate them on not eating crap. It seems like saying, "good on you for not running in to traffic." or "Wow it's great they way you manage not to drown in the bathtub."

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LeeAnn said...

I get the bathtub comment all the time but that's just because people know me.
As to food, I'm guilty of it with weird foods, like "Oh, this? This is a snack of peanut butter, green beans, and newt's eyeballs. What do you mean, weird? Hehehehehe."
Yes, I am a food douche. No, not like that. Stop it. Ewww.