Monday, March 28, 2011

If bullshit was music, that fellow would be a brass band.-Paddy Crosbie

Mostly as a result of having worked together at a ridiculous number of places I've told probably a hundred people something along these lines.

"Never believe anything that comes out of Dave's mouth. Everything he says is bullshit."

And then he laughs because he knows I don't mean it as a bad way. I'm actually quite proud of his ability to lay out the most outlandish statement in an entirely plausible way.

However..... Sunday morning:

Dave: Do you want me to make you a pancake Fiona?

Fiona: No.

Me: You should say, "no thank you." Because it's nice of Daddy to offer even if you don't want a pancake.

Fiona: No thank you Daddy.

Dave: You should say, "No! I don't like it!"

Me: Don't ever listen to anything your father says it's all bullshit.


Roses said...

She had to learn sometime, Dani. Probably best from you. ;-)

Dani said...

It'd be easier to move away from him but then I'd miss his BS.