Thursday, March 3, 2011

Always keep a song in your heart - it's like karaoke for the voices in your head.-Robert Fulton Abernethy

Have you ever gone to Karaoke? I used to go pretty often though it's been several years.

Well there are two types of people who enjoy Karaoke.

1. People who are there to have fun and sing their little hearts out even if they can't carry a tune in a bucket.

2. People who take it very very seriously and get pissed when you drunkenly giggle at their rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings (true story).

I think parenting is a bit like Karaoke.

There are people like me who are flying by the seat of our pants and not sweating the small stuff figuring if our kids grow up not to be serial killers we will have succeeded.

And people who treat every single milestone as a life or death struggle and get really pissed that one you aren't following their glowing example and two you just offered their kid a non healthy treat.

Sure parenting is important and we should do our best to raise great kids but come on people it's supposed to be fun. Laugh at the poop, enjoy those sticky hugs, and don't worry about what everyone else thinks.


Amy Baldwin said...

Dani-I LOVE this post!! I think its funny when other parents try to judge me or anyone else. I mean rule number one, NO ONE loves my kid more than me NO ONE. Therefore anything you do with your kid or your kid does early doesn't make me jealous or feel like not as good as a Mom, because I would not trade my situation for the world. Being a parent is all about Love not competition, and sometimes its about POOP! haha
You and David have a daughter with an amazing, outgoing, fun, personality that no one knows better or could raise better than the 2 of you! And sweets come on, never hutrt anyone.. PUHLEASE!

Here's to not raising serial killers..

Auntie Amy

Dani said...

Lol I knew you'd embrace my Karaoke metaphore.

I admit there have been times when I looked at something another parent is doing and thought "oh kaaaaaay?" But hey I don't know the whole story maybe there's a reason.

I just find it funny that some people don't seem to have any sense of humor when it comes to kids.

adrielleroyale said...

Love this! And I SO agree :))