Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bed is the poor man's opera-Italian Proverb

Why yes I do know you just washed the comforter and the pillow sham, no I don't care.

And then here's Gambit the next morning laying IN the bed. Luckily for everyone concerned it's Dave's side of the bed so I don't care.

And then we got a new bed frame and it's higher than the old one so Gambit can't jump up there any more and I laughed an evil laugh like this Mwahahahahahahahahahah because I never wanted him up there in the first place. Yay!


TK said...

Hey, no blogging about Nelly and her vacation at your house??

Dani said...

Nah she didn't do any thing very funny. I actually took some pictures and started writing a post but then blogger part of my post and it just didn't seem interesting enough to type it a second time.