Tuesday, January 18, 2011

True and baseless evil is as rare as the purest good-Jasper Fforde The Eyre Affair

Alright remember back here when I promised to tell you if I liked The Fourth Bear? Of coarse you don't because no one is sitting around waiting for my book reviews, that would be weird. In any case I LOVED it. So much so that I'm now reading Mr. Ffordes other series.

I haven't actually finished the series (but then neither has the author apparently), but I'm most of the way through the third book and I only started the series 6 days ago. Now they are a little confusing so if you're interested start with the first book The Eyre Affair and let the weirdness build as you go along.

Without even attempting to explain the convoluted plot here's the hook: The main character (and sometimes other characters) travel through books. In the first story it's just Jane Eyre (hence the name) but as you go along there's Dickens, Kipling, Austen, and even Mr. Fforde's own at that time unpublished novels in the Nursery Crime series. If you read much you will come across characters you know and love and they aren't all as highfalutin' as Dickens and Kipling. In short these books are just fun which is the best recommendation I can make of a book or series.

Edit: Hey if you read these or the Nursery Crime series or for that matter the other two series I haven't checked out yet you should also check out Jasper Ffordes web site and click on the Boss Coming button. Hilarious!

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