Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Also I can kill you with my brain-River Tam (Firefly)

A list of TV shows I loved but were canceled way to soon.


Dead Like Me

Dark Shadows (the revamped one in the 90's. OMG revamped, wholly bad pun batman. Sorry 'bout that)

My So Called Life

The Tick (the animated one)


Hey look I made a Nathan Fillion sandwich full of vampires, other misc. supernatural and weirdness, and teen angst. No wonder Buffy was my favorite show ever.

*Note: When I Googled "quotes about canceled tv shows" the first thing that comes up is the IMDB page for Firefly. Cartoon network revived interest in Family Guy so Fox uncanceled it. Comedy Central brought Futurama back from the dead after years and years. Hey Sci Fi how about you bring back Firefly? Pleeeeeeese (bats eyelashes and gives pouty lip).


Megan said...

Totally agree I loved Firefly, but I believe the movie killed any chance of bringing the show back, it's sad really. :(

Dani said...

True. Also most of the cast are on other shows now. Still it would be nice if Fox gave shows a real chance before they canceled them.