Friday, October 22, 2010

I have very eclectic taste in music, but when it comes to going to concerts, I like going to rock concerts.-Fran Drescher

The last time I went to a concert was the weekend after I met Dave, which will be 13 years at the end of this month. Part of that IS because Dave and I don't always have similar taste in music but mostly it's because the day I met Dave was also the last day I worked in the music store and I don't hear about when tickets are going on sale any more. Since my taste in music rarely includes artists who are still putting out new music (or if they are it's the "yeah you should have stopped a few albums ago" kind) they also don't tour much any way.

On the other hand one band that is the exception to my "I don't listen to current music" stance will be touring in 2011. I just kinda stumbled across this info and realised how much I'd like to go..... Yeah then I realised I have no one to go with. I could probably talk Dave in to going but I know perfectly well he'd hate it and then I'd have an awful time knowing he was hating it and that wouldn't be fun for anyone. So I went through all my friends in my head, which took about a minute because I don't really have friends any more who aren't family. I came to the very sad conclusion that the only person who might be willing to go with me even though he isn't familiar with their music is my Dad.

Am I wrong or is that just about the lamest thing you've ever heard? I need to make some friends.


Amy Baldwin said...

I think these days if you dont like Rhianna or Keisha or Justin Bieber your outta luck!

Roses said...

Or is it worse to HAVE people to go to concerts with, but they never ask you along?

Dani said...

You both have good points there.

Actually my SIL AK said she'll go. Coarse it depends when and where they're playing but that's a different issue.