Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness.-Sidney Poitier

A few things to short to warrant their own posts

The saddest thing I think I've ever seen was an impound tow truck with a little girls bike on it.

A little piece of me just died! And I'm pretty sure this officially makes me old. I just heard an instrumental version of Smells Like Teen Spirit in a commercial for rice.

Ya know what's annoying? When I get a comment and I don't know what post it is in reference to and then I try to publish it but Blogger eats it and I never find out what the heck it means. Dude that pisses me off.

Friend: I Like your jacket. Or is it a hoodie?.... I like your Joodie.

Co workers description of a recent trip to Wales:
"I was surrounded by all these crazy older ladies. It was like being in a Monty Python Skit all the time!"

I don't understand suspenders. Was there a time when no ones pants fit? Were they one size fits all? Was it because it was the depression and no one could afford new pants? If the pants fit they shouldn't fall down.

Cutest thing ever=Fiona singing Ring of Fire.

I was at my desk working away quietly listening to a book. The book in question happens to be set in Florida and the narrator made a passing reference to a Waffle House. I had to stifle an irrational urge to yell out, "Wooo hooo Waffle House!" My poor coworkers don't know how lucky they are I don't say half the strange things I think.

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