Friday, April 23, 2010

Too many of today's children have straight teeth and crooked morals.-Unknown high school principal

More weird oral hygiene behavior.

As I was sitting stopped in traffic I could see the guy in front of me moving his hand really fast near his mouth. At first I thought he was brushing his teeth but then I figured I must be wrong. However I then saw the toothbrush. Personally this is not something I would do in the car. For one thing I require a sink to be near at hand also it seems like it might be distracting.

You hear stories about women putting on makeup while they drive. I put on my makeup before I even get dressed. Let me tell you putting my pants on while I'm driving now that is hard(Badump bump, thank you I'll be here all week).


Roses said...

Ew! Where did he spit?

Dani said...

I know! That was one of the many things that botherd me about the situation. I mean dude are you in such a ruch that you can't brush them before you leave the house or at least wait till you get where you're going?

Arwen said...

They make new toothbrushes that don't need water! MY SIL gave them to us in her bag of goodies for her wedding. Maybe he was using one of those?

Dani said...

Well that does make me feel better, but it still seems like a weird thing to do in traffic.

I have hang ups about perconal grooming in public though so maybe it's just me