Friday, May 14, 2010

If you want to annoy your neighbors, tell the truth about them.-Pietro Aretino

The weather was awesome so we had all the windows open letting in the nice from outside.

Dave: I kinda hope our neighbors are scared of us because we yell strange things out all the time.

Me: (Puzzled) Like what?

Dave: I DID IT!

Me: Oh yeah (Dave says random things that get stuck in his head, that particular one is from a commercial. I think of it as Tourteets but he's probably just crazy)

About 30 mins latter it was getting to be Fiona's bath time.

Me: Lets get NAKED!

Fiona: Yay!


Me: There's another one for the neighbors.

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Roses said...

There's a classic story of a quiet couple. Every time the husband asked his wife something, she'd ask him to wait with, "Just a sec!"

After being put off one too many times, the husband finally shouted, "No more sec's! I'm tired of it! I don't want anymore sec's from you!"
And after a pause and realization that the windows were open, he hollered just as loudly, "Well, maybe just a litte more!"