Thursday, April 8, 2010

The best advice is this: Don't take advice and don't give advice.-Author Unknown

We all know that being a parent means getting an avalanche of unsolicited advise much of it from people who don't have children (the ones who do mostly know better). One topic I wasn't expecting to get so much input on however is when is the right time to have another child.

"You don't want them too far apart"
Fiona is two. I'm sure she and any hypothetical sibling will not grow up as strangers if I wait a little while longer. Also I have cousins who are 13 years apart and neither of them has turned out to be a serial killer (yet).

"Don't worry about two set of diapers. It's better to get it over with at once"
Okay then you can live in my guest room and be on poo poo patrol.

"You don't want to be too old when they move out"
First f**k you very much. Second I'm going to turn 50 the same year Fiona turns 18 so too late already. Third I'm not having children for the sake of counting down to when I no longer have to take care of them.

Strangely I'm not very irritated by all this advise but I do find it funny how so may people seem to think it's entirely okay to tell me what to do with my reproductive organs. I mean I'm not walking up to them and saying, "Hey have you exercised your whoohaa* recently?"

*This the word we use for naughty bits in our house. And that reminds me of another story...

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TK said...

My dear maternal grandmother was quite the advice giver. It spewed from her like popcorn from a popcorn popper. I remember my mother saying to me "just smile and do what you want to do". For some reason that phrase has always stuck in my head. Especially when people were telling ME to have or not to have children.