Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vending Machine Challenge

Back at yet another office Dave and I both worked at we had one of those vending machines that had sandwiches and other perishable snacks in it. The thing was a lot of these "snacks" were a little unusual not to mention staying in the machine for longer than was probably healthy. Dave and some of the other guys he worked with would dare each other to eat these questionable delicacies thus the Vending Machine Challenge was born. The challenge was eventually extended to funky things they found in stores too. The grossest one I was aware of was a can of "meat" (no more specific than that on the label). I don't think they got anything for winning other than man points.

One day after Dave had been gone for close to a year one of his friends walked up to my desk and handed me an envelope with Dave's name on it and said, "He'll know what to do". When I got home Dave opened the envelope and found Sponch.


Roses said...

Screw the expiration date, I would totally eat that.

TK said...

I had to google this stuff. You know it actually appears to be made in the USA?? http://www.marinelausa.com/

They shamelessly use a donald duck on their website.