Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Good To Be Unapprochable

Dave: Some guy came over and sat right next to me at the train station and started showing me pictures of the art exhibit he'd just been to in the city.

Me: And you were all, "Dude I don't care."

Dave: He looked like a normal sane person. I told him I had to go make a phone call and walked away.

Poor Dave. These things seem to happen to him pretty often. I think the problem may be that weirdo's ride the train. I have a funny story every time one of us rides. Christmas eve I rode the train by my self and had to sit next to a strange man who tried to pick me up.


Schelle said...

why did that make him strange? I would think lots of guys would try to pick you up

Dani said...

Schelle you're funny. It wasn't so much the action as the technique that was weird.